Non-Drafting Triathlon

What is a Non-Drafting Triathlon?

Non-drafting triathlon is the “normal” triathlon that you see across the country and around the world. The main rule that makes it “non-drafting” is that on the bike, the riders are not allowed to get within 10 meters of the bike in front of them, hence the “drafting” behind another bike.

Major Differences between non-drafting and draft legal events:

Any type of bike frame, “road” (left) or “time trial” (right) is allowed in a non-drafting.

The “aerobars” are allowed to extend past the brake levers
“Aero” helmets are allowed in non-drafting races.
Wheels deeper than 80 mm, to include disc wheels and other wheels with less than 12 spokes are allowed in non-drafting triathlons.
Athletes are allowed to wear a non-ITU legal suit, which can be two (2)  pieces (top and bottom) and without regard to their torso showing.



It is highly recommended that all athletes become comfortable with non-drafting triathlons before attempting to enter a draft legal event. If you have any further questions, please contact Coach Ryan!