Lance Armstrong: Who Really Loses?

I just read this on a triathlon forum. Whether Lance doped or not, won zero or 7 TdF’s… The one thing he did well was LiveStrong! It’s a shame if LiveStrong has been built on lies and deception… the people that lose the most are like the gentleman that wrote this. What do you think?

“what to say – I have been a closet lance fan and privately hoping he is clean and the superstar we all want him to be. I’ll be first to say it seems unlikely he was a saint along with all the others and my (our) hopes have been crashed in some form as highlighted by recent events.

I have been diagnosed with cancer and have put myself in Lance’s shoes over 15yrs ago when near death and I would desperately like to think my outcome could be a fraction of what his was.

I’m in a pretty sad state these days but I have to tell all of you that I do think and get some comfort from the lance story – whether he doped or not is not what gives me hope these days”

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