BTMS Triathlon Road Trip: Day 1

And we’re off! Kristi Johnson, one of my elite athletes and I left Phoenix earlier today for Texas, which is our first stop on our 16 State, 4 race and 2 training camp trip, with Kristi earning her pro-card on this trip.  I am going to be spending the next 43 days writing about the trip and Kristi’s training and racing in pursuit of her pro-card.


Kristi is well into her taper for the Capital of Texas Triathlon on Monday, so today started with a quick swim that included 6×50 yard hard efforts on a 10 second (“) rest interval (RI) and 4×100 at Threshold on a 10” RI. From there, she quickly transitioned to her run clothing and knocked out a quick 40’ 10 kilometer (6.2 mile) run, which ended all of the excitement for the day.


We quickly packed up the Pathfinder and suffered through a 12-hour drive to Fort Stockton, TX. We are going to make a quick stop in El Paso for dinner with another Break Through athlete Haley and her husband. We should arrive in Ft. Stockton around midnight, get some sleep and then find a track for Kristi tomorrow morning!

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