BTMS Road Trip: Days 3& 4

Friday, May 27th

Houston, TX

After sleeping in, we packed everything back up and made the 3-hour trip from Houston to Austin. We linked up with Break Through coach and elite athlete Mike Thomson and athlete Angie Bezdek at the condo we are renting for the weekend.

We got moved in and headed out for a quick hour ride around Austin that included some short efforts well above theshold. After getting cleaned up, it was off to Whole Foods to stock up for the weekend on some healthy food and snacks, then to downtown for BBQ at Lamberts, which is awesome.

All in all, not a bad day. Kristi for a good solid training ride, a little more acclimated to the 93 degree with 90+% humidity.


Saturday, May 28th

Austin, TX

We all slept in a little bit, took our time eating and then headed down to the track. Mike and Kristi hammered out some 800′s and looked great! From there, it was off to the pool for some anaerobic endurance sets, primarily 50′s in the pool, which both crushed… they are looking GREAT!

Kristi was sub-3:00 800′s the whole time, which is the first time she’s been down that low on a consistent basis since she ran for ASU. My goal with her training in the last , 2 weeks has been to lay in as much speed via HIT trainjng as possible with layering especially after having missed 5+ weeks of training due to a cold and cracked ribs. It’s nice to see it has only took 2 weeks of a solid and focused training plan to get her back to where she was at the end of last season with 4-5 times that volume over an entire season.


Mike ran his 800’s down around 2:28, which is the fastest average of 800’s he’s ever had. Mike has worked really hard this year specifically for the race on Monday.  I’m really glad he decided to race at Memphis in May (finished 8th overall) and then stay in the south for the next week leading up to Monday. With the temperature difference between Chicago and Austin, not to mention the humidity, he will be a lot better off having stayed to acclimate himself!


Tonight, we are off to Salt Lick BBQ in Driftwood, which is right outside of Austin. We’ll be joining John, another Break Through athlete, and his brother Mike for an evening of BBQ and good company!

Tomorrow is the last day before the main event. All four Break Through athletes will have a short swim, bike and run workout tomorrow to work on sighting, make sure the bike is fully functioning and left in the proper gear and any remaining cob webs are cleared out of the legs!

Andrea, the fourth Break Through athlete (also from Chicago) is in the middle of preparations for a series of 70.3 races, making this a hard training day. John just rant he Boston marathon and is getting ready to start his preparation for the USA Triathlon Age-Group National Championships, and to give us a solid jumping off point for that training!

I am really excited to see how Mike and Kristi do on Monday. This race has been on their schedule since January, with all of their training and mental focus aiming at this day!

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